Guildford Youth Commemorative Stamp Jewelry Business One Year Anniversary

Brooklyn Hie of Innisfil will celebrate the first anniversary of her company this month with her unique collection of printed jewelry and accessories, Stamped by Brooklyn.
The girl from Guildford said that after seeing her little sister Courtney making and selling her own beaded bracelets at the local farmers’ market, she was inspired and started her own business.
Brooklyn decided to try to make printed jewelry. The sisters help and encourage each other in business together. Each of them set up their own independent workstations at home.
“(Courtney) worked upstairs and I changed my father’s old studio into my room,” Brooklyn said.
Since Brooklyn does another full-time job in the summer, Courtney often brings her sister’s work to local farmers’ markets, including the Innisfil market.
Girls often collaborate, mixing their beads and metal fragments to create unique and unique works for customers.
“It mainly teaches itself with different hammers, metals and devices,” Brooklyn explained the learning process. “I am getting better and better, understanding my metal and what works for me.”
She likes to use high-quality metals such as stainless steel, gold-plated, 24-carat gold, aluminum and rose gold for filling.
Brooklyn began making custom pet tags and quickly expanded to make necklaces, rings, bracelets, corkscrews, and keychains. A new fashionable and epidemic-friendly product that she recently added to her product list is the non-contact door opener.
“Anything personalized, there is always some kind of story behind it,” Brooklyn said. “Each has a meaning behind it.”
She said that she likes manual stamping technology because she has a lot of room for creativity.
“I think it’s so different. It’s not done with a machine; I type every letter in,” Brooklyn explained.
During the COVID-19 lockdown, she said that she had a lot of time to devote herself to the business and was able to try more products and materials.
So far, all the supplier markets she has participated in have been virtual, which she said has allowed her to have more contact with customers and other businesses.
She sells her products online through her Facebook business page, mainly for the Barrie and Innisfil communities.
As she starts face-to-face learning next week, she hopes to find a good balance between business and school.
On September 26, she will participate in a market at the Doggylicious Training Center in Angus to support Precious Paws rescue, where she will sell her jewelry and provide dog tag handprints on site.
To learn more about Stamped By Brooklyn, please visit their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram @stampedbybrooklyn.

Post time: Sep-06-2021