Eureka uses the latest Oro machine for single-dose grinding, Roast Magazine’s Daily Coffee News

Eureka, an Italian coffee grinder manufacturer, has launched the Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose, which uses a significantly inclined design to minimize grinding residues in high-end homes or other low-volume environments.
Mignon Single Dose is part of Eureka’s 100th anniversary Oro brand “next generation” machine. It is similar in appearance to existing machines in the Mignon series, with the most notable exception being the wedge-shaped base that tilts the machine 15 degrees.
The result is that the direction of the 65 mm flat burr is more upright, and the path of the abrasive discharge from the chute is more upright.
The machine also includes a 45-gram capacity single-dose hopper with a branded wooden lid, and the company’s Blow Up bellows attachment for blowing residual particles out of the chamber. According to the company, these and other internal design adjustments resulted in total retention of less than 0.8 grams and exchange retention of less than 0.3 grams.
Mattia Sgreccia, marketing and sales manager of Eureka Oro, told the Daily Coffee News: “Single-dose grinding has experienced significant growth in the past few years.” “A few years ago, this segment represented a very small niche. Market. Today, although it can still be defined as a niche market, it is indeed a fast-growing field and one of the most interesting trends in the entire coffee industry.”
Sgreccia said that this grinder meets the high-end home and commercial environment’s demand for single-dose solutions, minimizing cross-contamination of coffee and its flavor.
Sgreccia said: “Mignon Single Dose accurately responds to these needs by providing flexibility and the privilege to switch coffees at any time.” “Another driving factor is undoubtedly the increasingly common trend of testing special blends and single coffees, which are usually very expensive. Source coffee, so the barista needs a grinder that won’t waste coffee.”
According to the company, although the durability of the Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose burr and the output of 3 grams per second are comparable to some other commercial equipment, the machine is mainly used by home or professional consumers.
Eureka Oro will soon provide more information about its Zeus and Prometheus grinders for commercial applications. The latter is expected to be released during the HOST Milan trade show in October.
Howard Bryman Howard Bryman is the associate editor of Roast Magazine’s Daily Coffee News. He lives in Portland, Oregon.
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I *always* like your news, partly because the title of the article is hot, and this article on Eureka’s “tilt” is another good example. Thanks! !

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